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   Established in 2009, Mason Builders Corp is an international custom building group and modular trading firm that specializes in unique designs. We can provide the architectural blueprints and build your new home or commercial construction from start to finish. In addition to real estate construction, Mason Builders has also developed one of the fastest growing container divisions in the USA supplying over 50 countries.  As a company, we appreciate and accept all projects if communication is a success.
   Mason Builders started from a smaller incorporation, My Shipping Containers with modular container designs and slowly merged its way into what we truly enjoy. Now that Mason Builders has completely absorbed its old company recognized as MSC, we have become one of the fastest growing residential and commercial construction companies. Our focus point here at Mason Builders is to bring more opportunities for the cities to thrive by offering new residential sub-divisions and encouraging commercial infrastructure.  We have built and developed by partnering with some of the nations largest companies to expand into what Mason Builders has become.
   Our Company has worked with some of the top industry partners: Disney World, Walmart, WholeFoods, Publix, Costco and more! Our clients appreciate the job site contractors and the attention to detail offered.  We take great pride in our work and will always do our best to make this a great experience for you. We build, You Live !

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