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Does Mason Builders Corp build commercial projects?
  • Yes, we are custom builders that focus on all aspects of construction; Residential, Commercial and Modular Container Designs.

Does Mason Builders Corp sell storage containers?

  • Yes, we can provide you with several portable storage options; Storage Containers, Refrigerated Containers, Insulated Containers, Custom Containers.

Does Mason Builders Corp build custom container housing?

  • Yes, we not only build custom homes - We can also build your office, home or store using steel containers. *The most efficient is generally considered an "insulated box," a non working refrigerated container.

Does Mason Builders Corp provide the transportation/trucking of equipment?

  • Yes, we can provide trucking foreign and domestic.

Does Mason Builders Corp accept different methods of payment?

  • Yes, we accept all methods of payment such as; Check, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Cashiers Check, Cash, Bitcoin.



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