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The Residential & Commercial Building Process

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Phase 1

    Upon Request, Mason Builders will visit your site location to "Listen" to your wants, needs and desires. We will then process a full evaluation of your current job to provide you with the best possible estimate. Our estimators will send a complete detailed analysis of what the job will entail from all factors. If the estimate is agreed upon, we will then formulate a Mason Builders Service Contract for the Job! 


Phase 2

  Now that both parties have agreed to work together, we now start the initializing stages. All documents will be filed accordingly and all permits/zoning procedures will take place. After all the correct criteria has been met, we will then start ordering the materials needed to start the job. This is the point in which we start your entire job scheduling. You will receive a detailed worksheet and agenda which describes the timeline of your construction (residential building, commercial building or renovations). Each client will receive a complete list of Mason Builders Contacts. You will have the flexibility to contact the correct staff in order to answer any questions you may have during the process. We will always do our best but we understand we can encounter bumps in the road. Thats ok, because we will have the appropriate staff to help smooth out any kinks. We have your best interest in mind.


Phase 3

 Lets break ground!  Sit back and enjoy the building process as we start from the ground up. There will be a direct schedule of order similar to: Foundation, Inspections, Framing, Rough Plumbing-Electrical-HVAC, Inspections, Insulation, Dry Wall, Interior Trim, Driveways, Walkways, Flooring, Countertops, Fixture, Finishes, etc. We have a strong commitment to not only start the job, but to make sure the project is complete with the best satisfaction. You will have the opportunity to sit down with a superintendent and discuss all warranties and complete your final walk through of your new dream home. You will also receive a "Home Binder" which includes all the information to keep in a safe place! Mason Builders is ready to get you started!


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